FlowControl XN

FlowControl XN zapewnia szybki dostęp do kluczowych informacji

Fast access to critical information

The system was provided with interactive diagrams, tables and maps containing critical data, statistics and indicators, enabling the analysis of network behaviour patterns and supporting the detection of anomalies and causes thereof. It offers the following functions, among others:

  • Detailed statistics of the most active hosts, applications and interfaces.
  • Information on network traffic broken down into incoming and outgoing streams.
  • Lists of connections, including protocols, ports, IP addresses and traffic profile for respective connections.
  • Data on bandwidth and interface load generated by applications, services and users.
  • Information on incoming and outgoing traffic, including geolocation of public IP addresses.
  • NetFlow-generating and relating devices located in maps and plans.
  • Statistics enabling the assessment of proper configuration and implementation of the QoS policy in place.
  • Automatic refreshing of daily, weekly or monthly historical data analysis results.

Easy access to public sources

The system enables access to public sources, such as VirusTotal directly from the view under analysis (using right mouse button) and further analysis of data.

Easy access to public sources

Cisco ASA firewall monitoring

By supporting Cisco ASA/NSEL devices, the system enables full access to network traffic at firewalls, which are often the only layer 3 devices at a specific location and, thanks to that:  

  • Enables data analysis for firewalls only.
  • Eliminates inconsistencies in a situation where NSEL statistics are combined with typical NetFlow data sent by other devices.
  • Support NSEL fields that go beyond a NetFlow record.

Grouping NetFlow statistics

  • Presentation and network segmentation analysis for user-defined groups broken down by locations, functions or business role.
  • Groups may be analysed both for outgoing and incoming traffic.

NetFlow deduplication

If the flows duplicate from multiple sources, FlowControl deduplicates data in order to retain a unique information only. Apart from its other benefits, the deduplication mechanism allows the following:

  • Presentation of the actual traffic volume values, regardless of the filters applied.
  • Displaying the traffic path based on NetFlow fields received for the same transmission from multiple routers.

NetFlow analysis including autonomous systems (AS)

FlowControl is designed to meet the needs of large organisations operating multiple connections. Supporting autonomous system (AS) technology for BGP enables the following:

  • Viewing and filtering based on AS numbers.
  • Visualising traffic paths since source/transit AS.
  • Presentation of the sources, targets and traffic distribution across connections or operators.

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