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Which protocols are supported by Sycope?
NetFlow v5 v9, NSEL, IPFIX, sFlow
What type of information will I get from Sycope?
- All flows from flow - Monitored devices; - Traffic by application, protocol, source and destination IPs and ports; - Top addresses, ports, applications, autonomous systems; - Load on network interfaces;
Which questions can be answered with data from Sycope solution?
With Sycope you can get a prompt answer for these questions: Who saturates the network? Who is using unwanted/prohibited applications, who is attacking your web server? What applications are used? Are they all legal? What servers and hosts are the source of the network traffic?
Can I use Sycope to monitor IPv6 traffic?
Yes, Sycope can gather, store and analyse NetFlow for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.
What is Sycope CTI?
Security feed algorithm implemented in Sycope CTI actively monitors number of sources, analyses, and generates a unified list of current Indicator of Compromises (IoCs), based on which FlowControl is able to detect threats related to a reputation risk.
Do I have to buy all products (Visibility, Performance, Security) or can I choose which I want?
Visibility is the based of our products, providing you with necessary dashboards and widgets. It is a based of our Sycope 2.0 product and is must for Performance and Visibility modules.
Is demo version available?
No, but we invite you to POV or live demo to Sycope partners in your country.
Can I use the NetFlow protocol for network monitoring in my organization?
YES, if you have any device on the edge of the network that you manage: router, firewall, UTM, etc. All business devices of this type support one of the flow versions supported by Sycope.
How can I use this solution in my organization?
Sycope is a network monitoring tool based on NetFlow data. Sycope allows you to monitor network traffic, analyze network performance (NPM) and detect network anomalies and security incidents.
How much NetFlow will burden my IT infrastructure?
NetFlow alone is additional network traffic at a typical level of up to 0.1% of monitored traffic. For every 100Mbit / s of your monitored traffic, flow will add about 100kbit / s. Most devices (except for the operating class) generate flow without significantly increasing their load (CPU, memory).
Are there physical or virtual versions available?
Virtual on the VMware platform. A Sycope Partner can prepare a suitable hardware platform.