Detect and analyse security anomalies and threats in the context of the entire organisation. The system uses tactics and techniques of threats, based on the MITRE ATT&CK methodology.

Active mitigation using NAC system

Security alert
and then what?

The outcomes of cyber-attacks entail significant costs. Your security team can use the Sycope Security module to identify the attacks faster and reduce their scope. This will save money and reduce your stress.

Security alerts, threats detection
More than 60 security rules

Automation, when you
need it

Everyone loves automation! You will love it too.  Sycope provides you with over 60 rules to detect security breaches and  unwanted traffic in the network. You can use this information to integrate  with SIEM and NAC systems to mitigate the issues and block threats.

Advanced attacks analytics

Full path of the attack

The access to the data is key to understand the attack. All data and dependencies between them are available in a single place to show the full path of the attack and find all affected systems.

What’s on the network
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