Be aware of everything that is on and transfer within the IT network, allowing you supervision of network traffic, performance and IT security.

Cost reduce

Smarter network monitoring

When the company network needs constant expansion, you need the tools to do it in the proper way. Knowledge about the current status of your network will help you with designing and developing your networks properly and not wasting money on poorly thought-out purchases.

Faster troubleshooting

From generality
to forensic details

From the big picture of the network status to the details about traffic.  No matter what data you need, Sycope provides you with the necessary information about the current  situation of the network. You can also use historical data to compare the  present with the past.

Raw Flow access

Analyse data having context

Dig deeper into the data and find whatever you want. The comprehensive searching mechanism helps with finding data and high-precision traffic analysis. Data mining has never been so easy.

What’s on the network
let’s find out together

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