October 27, 2023

New release v.2.2

New version of Sycope software is ready! Including dynamic baseline and possibility to add custom NetFlow fields.

Sycope introduces new version of its network traffic and security monitoring software. Including dynamic baseline and possibility to add custom NetFlow fields (discovery mode)

The latest version includes several improvements and new functionalities based on your suggestions and ideas of our research/dev team, who works daily on product development.

Selected new capabilities of Sycope 2.2:

Discovery mode with custom NetFlow field analysis

Discovery mode with possibility to add custom NetFlow fields to the system for dedicated analysis and presentation of data (e.g. fields specific to a certain type or brand of equipment.)


Data role-based access control (data RBAC) for streams and exporters

This is a security model that restricts access to data based on the user's role within the organization. This model provides a flexible and scalable way of enforcing security policies and ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive data. By limiting access to the UI and data access perspectives, data RBAC helps to mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure that the privacy and security of the data is maintained.

Dynamic Baseline with trend analysis, visualization, and filtering on a single plot, and recurrent comparisons.

Highly sophisticated feature that sets it apart from the typical market offerings. It is widely recognized as a "big thing" in the monitoring industry due to its complex and automation capabilities. The Dynamic Baseline allows for comparing metrics across different time ranges and goes beyond simple measurement by incorporating trend analysis, visualization, and filtering capabilities into a single plot. This level of automation makes the Dynamic Baseline a valuable tool for those seeking to understand and analyze their data.

High performance with 120k/250k fps single all-in-one VM

Threat Trajectory data visualization for event analysis

New data visualization trajectory plot, especially useful for event visualization on a timescale.

Search history and bookmarks for efficient data analysis and sharing.

Very useful features in case of ad-hoc data analysis and results sharing.

The innovations now presented are based on the company's own research and development and implement customer feedback from the field. The aim of the development is not only to provide data, but also the necessary answers to effectively improve performance and security in the network.

The complete list of new features can be found here.

The current technical documentation is available here.

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