July 20, 2022

New reseller on board - welcome to EnBITCon GmbH

Sycope, signed a reseller partner agreement with EnBITCon GmbH based in Bonn, Germany, marking a next step of the expansion in the DACH area

Sycope, an international vendor focused on designing and developing highly specialized IT solutions for network performance monitoring and security, signed a reseller partner agreement with EnBITCon GmbH based in Bonn, Germany, marking a next step of the expansion in the DACH-Region.

After the recent technology agreement announcement with macmon secure GmbH, a Belden Group company, and the distribution agreement with Nuvias Deutschland GmbH in Hamburg for the DACH-Region, Sycope has now inked a reseller partner agreement with EnBITCon GmbH, a leading IT service provider, marking a next step of the expansion of Sycope in the DACH area, started last year. The reseller partner agreement enables EnBITCon GmbHto offer the Sycope solutions, strengthens the company’s position in the region.


“We are happy to add Sycope solutionto our offer. The system has growing number of technology partnerships and has noinfluence on network traffic and network endpoints. The visibility module providesfull insight into the operation of the IT network, while the performance modulemeasures the critical performance metrics, supported by a set of functionscreated to evaluate and report the effectiveness of the IT infrastructure.Adding to that the security module, allows users to detect and analyse securityanomalies and threats, shows the complexity of the solution That was needed bythe customers,” said Marcel Zimmer Technical Managing Director of EnBITCon GmbH.


"We are making positive progress in the DACH-Regionand welcome EnBITCon GmbH as our ResellerPartner in Germany. We continue to strive for a leading position in the Germanmarket and gaining market share as a result as we grow. With the recentlylaunch of Sycope 2.0 we can address more clients, pavingthe way for contemporary network solutions for companies of all sizes "said Tadeusz Dudek, CEO of Sycope.

Marcel Zimmer adds: "The partnership between Sycope and EnBITCon GmbH gives our clients access to a new generation of network observability tool, providing security and network performance monitoring teams insights helping to avoid downtime, while it is still possible, to reduce time to react and to avoid additional cost."



About Sycope


Sycope is focused on designing and developing, highly specialised IT solutions for monitoring and improving network performance through authorized partners. The product solutions were created and developed by engineers, who have been working on the issues of network performance, application efficiency and IT security for over 20 years, using the solutions from global APM/ NPM and SIEM providers, they have completed more than 400 projects. As Sycope we transform data into actionable insights, giving answers not only data.


About Enbitcon GmbH


EnBITCon has been established in 2014and are an innovative IT system house specializing in IT security, wireless LAN, OT / industrial security, and IT project management. We work closely with numerous manufacturers and partner companies, which enables us to fully ensure the requirements of our customers across all disciplines. Especially in times of fast-growing markets with partly - from the customer's point of view - in transparent technology advances and constant innovations, companies depend on strong partners like EnBITCon. We are a professional IT service provider that supports companies competently and with a realistic view of cost efficiency.







Warsaw, Poland

Goraszewska 19

02-910 Warsaw




Christian Sauer | Business Development DACH



Magda Bącela | Marketing Manager





August-Bebel-Allee 6
53175 Bonn

Marcel Zimmer
E-Mail: info@enbitcon.de







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