May 26, 2023

Out-of-the Box Network Performance Monitoring

Sycope & Garland Technologies partnership-monitor and respond to events with confidence, knowing you’re seeing the complete network traffic.

Monitor and respond to events with confidence, knowing you’re seeing the complete network traffic.

IT environments are getting more complex and robust each and every day with new security tools being deployed to help protect networks from cyber attacks. While this is a good thing in the eyes of security, it can lead to more challenges for the network or monitoring team to overcome, simply because there are now more tools and applications that impact the network. Garland Technology has teamed up with Sycope to ensure that their network performance monitoring solution receives every bit, byte and packet© of data from key points in the network. Garland Technology ensures Sycope’s ability to analyse network traffic and detect violations of security rules is complete and effective.

How it works?

The Sycope Probe measures server network time, client network time, initial server response time, client retransmissions and server retransmissions, in terms of Bytes, Packets and % of Packets. The Probe needs to see 100% of the traffic on the network link, and the only way to do that is by using a Network TAP. Using a SPAN port as an alternative access method, will likely drop packets if the link becomes oversubscribed, causing the Sycope Probe to miss out on key network data.



1. Garland Technology’s compact, high-performance network TAPs provide a copy of 100% of the wire data, both the East-West and West-East directions.

2. Both directions of traffic are sent to the Sycope Probe for translation into NetFlow/IPFIX, which network devices use to send information about the network traffic, such as communication sides, protocols, and traffic volumes.

3. The NetFlow data is sent to the Sycope Collector for network traffic analysis.

4. The Collector searches for critical traffic patterns and informs the Network administrator about possible security incidents and any unwanted traffic.



1. Customers with multiple network links to monitor can take advantage of Garland’s scalable TAP solutions, for both fiber and copper environments.

2. Multiple tapped links send the copied traffic to Garland’s Advanced Features box, where the data is aggregated, load-balanced, filtered, and distributed.

3. The aggregated traffic is delivered to one or more Sycope Probes and any other out-of-band monitoring tools desired.

4. The Sycope Probe translates the network traffic into NetFlow/ IPFIX and sends it to the Sycope Collector for analysis.

4. The Sycope Collector looks for key network patterns that might indicate a security incident or unwanted traffic.


• Complete network visibility by passing all live wire data
• Ensure no dropped packets for out-of-band tools
• Transformation of raw packets into Flow data
• Provides NetFlow v5/v9 or IPFIX
• Easy to deploy, flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any network
• DPI for L7 real application detection
• 100% passive, out-of-band solution with no impact to the live network
• Network Team can respond quickly to network incidents
• Full awareness of events happening on the IT network

- Click to Download the Sycope & Garland Solution Brief PDF

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