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The fastest tire change in F1 history is 1.82 seconds

That is how long it takes to analyse 500,000 flows
in the FlowControl system

Comprehensive network traffic analysis and threat detection using the NetFlow protocol.

By engineers for engineers

By engineers
for engineers

Interactive dashboards created by professionals who have spent over 30,000 days on NetFlow analysis — only useful data displayed in a legible manner

Connect and use

Connect and use

A single day of implementation is sufficient to ensure that key information, metrics and KPI are available immediately after first data are obtained

No simplifications or compromises

No simplifications or compromises

Advanced deduplication, security incident detection (in accordance with MITRE), a complete set of indicators for network performance analysis

Verifiable ROI level

Verifiable ROI level

We can prove that the investment will pay itself back within the first year.   
The monitoring of 1 flow/s per year does not cost more than € 0.00000099


Who we are


FlowControl was created and developed by engineers, who have been working on the issues of network performance, application efficiency and IT security for over 18 years. Using the solutions from global APM/NPM and SIEM providers, they have completed more than 400 projects for such customers as Franklin Templeton Investment, The Ministry of Defense, NATO, National Bank of Poland, T-Mobile, Ikea, ING Group, Orange and Alior Bank. This made them convinced that engineers who work in large organisations do not need a system that presents all available data about networks, devices and applications. What they need instead is selected, specific information presented as rapidly as possible. That is why FlowControl was created.

See how FlowControl operates

We invite you to check the potential of FlowControl for yourselves during free tests in the production environment of your company. Usually a single device is sufficient for the analysis of even very complex networks, and the installation process takes no more than 4 hours.

To those of you who decide to conduct the tests, we offer:

  • a presentation on the capacities of the system along with a short training course;
  • help in selecting an appropriate version of the tested solution;
  • support from Sycope engineers in the installation process;
  • adapting the solution to the specifics of the environment in question;
  • technical support during the entire period of testing;
  • written report summarising the results obtained during the tests.

We provide the delivery of the FlowControl solution and then its collection after the tests, free of charge. After receiving your query we will contact you in order to agree upon the details.

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Rapid analysis of the use of links and internal communication

FlowControl provides detailed information on the traffic generated by users, communication between the servers and the applications used in the organisation, pointing out trends and anomalies.

Korzyści ze stosowania FlowControl dla działów sieciowych
Korzyści ze stosowania FlowControl dla działów bezpieczeństwa



Detection of advanced threats, grouped according to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

MITRE ATT&CK is a globally-accessible knowledge base of cyber-criminal tactics and techniques based on observations. It is used as a foundation for the development of threat methodologies in the private sector, in government, and in the cybersecurity product and service community.

lata doświadczeń
years of experience
wiele zrealizowanych projektów
ogromna ilość monitorowanych flow na sekundę
monitored flows
per second

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