September 27, 2023

Discover Sycope 2.4 Today

Sycope v.2.4 new release including remote support mode and auto licensing.

Sycope introduces new version of its network traffic and security monitoring software. Including remote support mode and auto licensing.

In today's dynamic IT landscape, businesses grapple with the need for efficient and intuitive IT management tools. Sycope 2.4 is here to meet that demand head-on.

The new version updates include among others:

1. Enhanced Dashboard Experience

Sycope 2.4 presents users with a refreshed dashboard, designed to simplified navigation and provide crucial insights without dead ends. Refreshed dashboard groups include DNS analytics, HTTP analytics, Groups analytics, and Countries analytics. With drilldown capabilities, users can dive deep into data, gaining unprecedented control and visibility into their IT infrastructure.

2. Seamless Remote Support Mode

Customers can now easily initiate a VPN tunnel to our AWS support instance with minimal assistance from Sycope. This allows us to access their instance and make real-time fixes without the need for network reconfiguration.

3. Effortless Auto Licensing

To facilitate instance installation, Sycope has simplified the licensing process. Customers only need to input their License ID and Company ID into the jumpstart, which can be prepared beforehand on the Portal. If the instance has internet access, it becomes operational automatically, reducing installation hassles and enhancing user experience.

The innovations now presented are based on the company's own research and development and implement customer feedback from the field. The aim of the development is not only to provide data, but also the necessary answers to effectively improve performance and security in the network.

The complete list of new features can be found here. The current technical documentation is available here.

Discover Sycope 2.4 Today

Sycope 2.4 sets a new standard for excellence in IT management. It's time to experience the future of IT infrastructure management. To learn more about Sycope 2.4 and how it can benefit your business, visit our website at or contact our sales team at

About Sycope S.A

Sycope has been focused on designing and developing highly specialized IT solutions to monitor and improve network and application performance for over 20 years. Sycope's products are used by customers such as T-Mobile, Ikea, ING Group, Orange, Alior Bank, the National Bank of Poland, Franklin Templeton Investment and NATO.  

The Sycope network monitoring tool uses real-time data flow analysis, enriched with business context, to help organizations assess performance and protect IT infrastructure. It captures, processes and analyses all parameters contained in flows, enriched with SNMP, geolocation and security feeds. This can be used to diagnose network problems, including network connection settings and bottlenecks. Sycope's security feature was developed based on the MITRE ATT&CK methodology. Security incident detection rules and mechanisms enable early identification of attacks and unwanted activity on the network.

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