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Hey, we want you to give Sycope a try for free on your company's production environment and see how awesome it can be!

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Test us in your company production environment

We invite you to check the potential of Sycope 2.0 for yourselves during free tests in the production environment of your company. Usually a single device is sufficient for the analysis of even very complex networks, and the installation process takes no more than 4 hours.

To those of you who decide to conduct the tests, we offer:
  • a presentation on the capacities of the system along with a short training course;
  • help in selecting an appropriate version of the tested solution;
  • support from Sycope engineers in the installation process;
  • adapting the solution to the specifics of the environment in question;
  • technical support during the entire period of testing;
  • written report summarising the results obtained during the tests.
We provide the delivery of the Sycope solution and then its collection after the tests, free of charge. After receiving your query we will contact you in order to agree upon the details - Piotr, solution architect

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