June 27, 2022

New Release: Syope 2.0 is already here

Sycope 2.0 has just landed, and with it additional fields, new metrics and alarm views, dedicated probe (L7) and long term data retention.

New release Sycope 2.0 is already available

We are happy to announce that the new version of Sycope is already available.

The reaction of the clients who had chance to test it was very positive

After first testing experience I was suprise with the different approach and outstanding performance. This is what we were missing on the market.

Selected, new features of Sycope 2.0:

  • New module Performance with dedicated dashboards and metrics
  • Dedicated Sycope probe -providing extra source of information and allowing packets analyses
  • Deduplication 2.0 – without loosing data details
  • System coherency - 3 modules, one informative GUI
  • Advanced administration tool: RBAC, Active Directory, REST API
  • Easy and elastic licensing model: Perpetual and subscription
  • All modules working with the speed of the system Security module included)

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