December 29, 2022

Sycope partner up with Billon Group Ltd, creator of the Blockchain Platform

Sycope and Billon Group partner to advance cybersecurity for blockchain applications.

Sycope SA partner up with Billon Group Ltd, creator of the Unified Blockchain Platform, have signed a Technology Partnership Agreement. Under this partnership, Sycope SA’s customers will be able to access the Billon platform – allowing them to store, share, validate and attest any or selected information, documents or data-sets utilized in the execution of cybersecurity processes.


“We proudly announce a new era through this unique technological partnership programme,” said Billon Group Chief of Commercial - Jacek Figuła. “Billon’s mission is to unleash the transformational capabilities of blockchain in the enterprise world, and through this relationship with Sycope we advance that vision by making our regulatory-compliant, business-proven blockchain accessible to Sycope’s customers.” 

United & stronger - two innovative companies in their respective fields - Sycope SA with its network performance and cybersecurity monitoring solution and Billon Group Ltd with the blockchain framework for documents, data, tokens and national currency - entered into the partnership in order to respond to the market demand of unprecedented immutability and provenance of cybersecurity events and registries.


The agreement enhances Sycope’cybersecurity offering with blockchain attributes, including the Billon platform’s high performance and scalability, which increases  transparency and credibility of:


●       Journals immutability and audit trace; 

●       Threats, logs or actions provenance.


Billon Group Ltd is the company which has built a unique DLT protocol and system for document storage at scale and national currency payments. It meets all regulatory requirements, facilitating the adoption of blockchain technologies by businesses, financial institutions, and governments. 


Billon has been successfully tested by EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure) against the scalability and performance with its early implementation of the Digital Product Passport, part of the EU Green Deal. 


Sycope was founded by engineers, who have been working on the issues of network performance, application efficiency and IT security for over 20 years. Using the solutions from global APM/NPM and SIEM providers, they have completed more than 400 projects for such customers as Franklin Templeton Investment, The Ministry of Defense, NATO, National Bank of Poland, T-Mobile, Ikea, ING Group, Orange and Alior Bank.



About Sycope

Sycope is focused ondesigning and developing highly specialised IT solutions for securitymonitoring and improving network and application performance.

The team’s competencehas been confirmed by many individual certificates, including: personalsecurity clearance up to ‘Confidential’ and ‘NATO Secret’ clauses, CISA, CISSP,ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, IBM Certified Deployment Professional Security QRadarSIEM, ArcSight Certificate AS Data Platform Technical, Certified EthicalHacker, and Offensive Security Certified Professional.

This made themconvinced that engineers who work in large organisations do not need a systemthat presents all available data about networks, devices and applications. Whatthey need instead is selected, specific information presented as rapidly aspossible. That is why the new system called Sycope has been created.

About Billon

Billon created a DLTprotocol and system specifically for tokenizing and transacting nationalcurrency and processing sensitive data in compliance with regulations, thusunleashing the transformational capabilities of blockchain technologies in theregulated world.

Billon’s underlyingprotocol was designed for high throughput levels and low cost of maintenance ina range of environments. The system supports clients developing their ownenterprise-grade applications in areas of Accounts & Transactions, TrustedDocuments, and Identity & Data Sharing.

Billon Group Ltd. was founded in the UK in2015, following several years of R&D in Poland. Its unique DLT protocol hasbeen supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program.Billon is licensed to issue electronic money by regulators in the UK and Poland.

Billon’s growingclient list includes leading companies such as FIS, Raiffeisen BankInternational and BIK (the Polish credit reporting agency). Billon has officesin London and Warsaw.

For more information,visit Follow Billon Group onLinkedIn & Twitter &Facebook.


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